2 Antique/Vintage 1900's Beaded Reticule Waist Pouch/Bags HOLD!


Beaded & Mesh Purses

I am selling both reticule bags together because they are so similar and both require slight repair. I also know very little about these bags, but find them to be wonderful in style and design. I believe these are early bags worn outside the dress on the waist, possibly suspended from a chatelaine. They remind me of a misers bag, but only half of one. Both are open work design and hand made of glass beads (dark blue and teal beads) and silver metal beads. The pouch is suspended from multiple braided silk string which is held together with a larger bead and then knotted around a loop. At the end of each is a beaded tassel, one still has the beaded fringe. The teal beaded bag measures 10" long and the blue beaded bag is 12" long.
Both will require repair to one side of beaded pouch where thread has loosened and come apart.

price: $80.00
shipping and handling: $7.00

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